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Swimming Pool Discount 50%

Swimming Pool Discount 50%
(Promotion Period: from now until 30/04/2016)

Promotion for KARAOKE

Promotion for KTV/KARAOKE

The details of minimum packages for KTV rooms as following:

VIP 999

700,000 KIP
KTV Middle Room

480,000 KIP
Small KTV Room

280,000 KIP

Open Time: 17:00-23:30

Special Promotion: 

Ordered 15 Cans of Beerlao free Room Rental ( Small KTV Room )

Just ordered food & beverages reach 480,000 Kip free Room Rental ( KTV Middle Room )

Promotion Period: from now until 30/04/2016

TEL: 856-21-331888/6999

Sales: 020-55255002