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Four Seasons Restaurant

The hotel is decorated for 5VIP dining rooms with luxury and unique style. There with kinds of

Sichuan cuisine, various kinds of Cantonese cuisine and excellent service to meet different

requirement of the customers. It is the best choice for your party and various banquets.


Section :

Four seasons Restaurant


50  person

Private rooms

5 Luxury Private Room

Dining operation time






Sichuan cuisine,the wild Sichuan peppercorn (huājiāo), a little bit pink, a little more purple – really sets Sichuan cuisine apart. Take a bite of one and your mouth tingles as an addictive numbness makes its way to your lips. This is the . Combine it with the characteristic hot blanket of chili peppers – the – and you have discovered the magic of Sichuan cuisine. While Sichuan food is available around the world, Sichuan dishes now you can fine in Vientaine ,Laso at Four Seasons Restaurant here .

Garden Café

Garden cafe is location in the outdoor swimming pool side, its decoration by grand and quiet view,

to make the guys in fun and relax for their brain. Garden Cafe can provide coffee, fruit juice and

other drinking, also Lao food, Thai food and European food more than 100 dishes to choose,

which place is unique choice to enjoy happy hour.


50 persons

Dining operation time











 operation time

 19:00 - 23:00











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